Will Graham from NBC Hannibal

Took approx. 2 hours in Photoshop.

Fionna from Adventure Time
Approx. 3 hours in Photoshop

easyminds and I are wanting to do Artist Alley at Fan Expo 2015, so I’m getting some prints ready.

Would people purchase this as a print?

Anonymous asked: Awesome:)

Thank you anon!


Castiel drawing done by me.

Approx. 7 hours in photoshop. Might make this a print if people are interested.


Submitted this to dA as well, but I am happy with this pixel art gosh darn it!

Destiel for Jo and I on deviantART. We wanted a couple icon so we agreed on this.


Transparent Jellyfish Girl drinking from a mustache cup for your needs.


Castiel from Supernatural.
Took four hours to complete. My first “realism” drawing.
Constructive criticism is lovely.
Reference: x


What Was Missing Marceline

I just love Marceline in this outfit.

Fiddling out with a new style/haven’t done drawings or colourings in Photoshop for a long time.


I’m so sorry.